About Kelly Biltz


Hey, I’m Kelly - wanna be singer and entertainer, organized mama to my two sons who know how irritable and irrational  I get when I am tired, yet think I’m the nicest and most loving mama on earth,  and wife to hubby who always has to remind me not to throw things out before he’s done using them! 

Now, for the more serious side...I am a Certified ADHD Expert Life Coach at Loving GrADDitude where I specialize in working with parents who seek to have a peaceful relationship with their ADHD t(w)een, which, let's face it, can be super challenging!  

My goal is to help you navigate confidently this "trying" stage of parenthood; shift responsibility to your t(w)een; worry less (yes- it can be done!); have a peaceful home AND awesome relationship with your Oh -so -moody- teenager!;  all the while, support you while you prepare your t(w)een for success, confidence, resilience, life skills and their absolute best SELF!

That's me!  Oh,  did I tell you I live with two teens in my house and I never know who's going to show up? And, I have two members in my house who are neurodiverse?  It's a wild ride guys!

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