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During this free challenge, you will learn to:

Understand ADHD - get to know the unique chemistry of the ADHD brain, what's normal (yes, they do need that many reminders), executive functions and their importance and why time is such an elusive concept for people with ADHD 

Master the art of peaceful transitions - discover the #1 tool you can use to cut down on meltdowns and emotional outbursts (from your children AND you) as well as motivate your child and get tasks done!

Identify how ADHD is impacting your whole family - including how your other children are experiencing it and how you can be consistent in your support even if your parenting style is different for each child. 

Get a handle on your ADHD child's impulsivity and reduce the negative impact of the lying, explosive behavior, risk taking and blurting out on their relationships and future. Learn how to keep them safe and you not so exhausted and worried!

Rock the back to school routine - no matter how it's going to look this year! Front load your children so you can reduce the anxiety, chaos and overwhelm of returning to the structure, schedule and expectations of school.


And I'm excited to have special guests joining me:
  • Heather Rogers, Co-Creator of the Time Timer (which has helped eliminate meltdowns, nagging and yelling in my home)
  • Nicole Schlechter, IEP and 504 Advocate and Expert to help with your back-to-school plan
  • Leslie Josel, Academic and Life Coach at Order Out of Chaos and Creator of the best academic planners on this earth!

Change your mindset from power and control to peace and collaboration!

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Who is Kelly Biltz?

Kelly Biltz, CALC is a Certified ADHD Life Coach at Loving GrADDitude. She created The ADHD Rockstar Parent Program, where she partners with families to discover their best practices ensuring a thriving and peaceful home.  

After years of working through challenges within her own family (hubby and youngest both have ADHD), she understands the difficulties of parenting complex children.

In the Rockstar Parent Program, she takes a deep dive into the reason behind your child’s behavior so you can best understand and implement tactics and parenting strategies. Kelly helps you "speak your child’s language” so your child will be more accountable, responsible, confident and resilient. She has built and created this one of a kind program so YOU can walk through life with confidence, peace and enjoy all the moments with your family!

She lives  in her “Happy Place” of Pinehurst, NC where she owns the status of a Rockstar Parent! 

Feel Confident in Your Parenting

Reduce the frustration and conflict in your home, understand the ADHD brain, prepare for back-to-school and better manage their ADHD!